Tanzania has about 126 major different ethnic communities with their vernaculars, cultures, traditions and customs. National cohension has been attained partly through the use of the national language - Kiswahili - and the interaction of the country's people.

The cultures, traditions and customs manifest themselves in unique tourist attractions in the form of rich traditional dances, handicraft such as weaving and pottery and art in the form of paintings and wood carvings of the Makonde ethnic community of south Tanzania.

Welcome to some of the fascinating areas in Tanzania where you can experience real African life and enjoy the beautiful scenery of green mountains, wide plains and the dramatic Rift Valley.

Local People offer you tours in the following areas:

· Babati & Hanang

· Engaruka

· Ganako Karatu

· Ilkiding'a

· IIlkurot

· Matunda

· Mkuru

· Oldonyo Sambu

· Pangani

· Tengeru

· Usambaras

· Kisangara chini

· Longido

· Machame

· Mamba and Marangu

· Monduli Juu

· Mto wa Mbu

· Southern Pare Mountains

· Mulala

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