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Located at Ujiji on the shores of Lake Tanganyika, where Stanley is reputed to have met Livingstone and given the famous greeting "Dr. Livingstone I presume". The Mahale Mountains, like Gombe, are one of the last natural home to chimpanzees and are rich in birdlife. The the park is a unique ecological zone with lowland forest, miombo and open woodlands, moist and dry savannah grasslands. Wildlife in the park includes primates, kudu, eland, roan and sable antelopes, giraffe, buffalo, elephant, lion and leopard.

Access is by boat or plane, both of which are available for charter. There are no roads and all game viewing is done on foot. It is virtually the only Tanzanian park where you can walk around.

The best months to visit are May to October.

Consult park headquarters at Kigoma for advice on weather and other conditions before setting off.

Camping is allowed in specific areas. Camping equipment is available for hire. The guesthouse at Kasiha Village offers limited accommodation, but you have to bring all provisions.

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