Tanzania FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions


What is the climate in Tanzania?

Tanzania is hot throughout the year and is humid on the coast and dry on the central plateau. The heavy rains last from March to June and can make unsealed road travel difficult. The hot, dry weather in January and February attracts the most tourists. The best time to visit the Serengeti is from January to March when the grazers are calving and there are plenty of lion around, or to witness the wildebeest migration. Zanzibar has a warm climate year-round and its coastal resorts are tempered by sea breezes. The island is best avoided in April and May, the rain season.

Do I need a visa for Tanzania?

Yes, it is required to have a visa for Tanzania. Ask your Consult of Tanzania for more information.

What kind of cloth’s should I wear?

Long cool trousers, blouses, comfortable shoes, cap or hat for the daytime. If you want to wear shorts, be aware of the fly’s and mosquito’s. During the evening you can wear a sweater or anything with long sleeves and long trousers. The temperature in the evening will be much cooler than at daytime.

What kind of medical precautions to I need to take?

It would be recommended to vaccinate against Yellow Fever, D.T.P (Difterie, Tetanus, Poliomyelitis) and use anti-malaria medications. But please consult your physician or health department for the latest health and anti-malarial precautions.

Can I safely eat the food?

Yes, in most of the hotels the food is safe. They serve local dishes and also international meals. Just be aware with ice cubes, salads, fruit which is unpeeled and raw meat and fish.

Can I drink tap water?

No, it is better to drink bottles of mineral water. Even with brushing your teeth, most of the hotels have some small bottles of mineral water in the room. During daytime Game Driven there will enough bottles of mineral water in the jeep which you can use.

What kind of cloth’s can I wear?

The best will be long light cotton trousers, light cotton shirts (long and short sleeved), comfortable shoes, cap or hat. If you want to wear shorts, keep in mind that there will be mosquito’s and fly’s which can prick. During the evening the temperature will go down and you can wear a sweater or something with long sleeves. In most hotels you will have diner outside.

To which Airport do I have to go?`

· From Amsterdam Schiphol you will have a direct flight with KLM to Kilimanjaro Airport, Arusha. The prices are up from approximately 1098,- euro per person. The flight duration is approximately 8 hours and on the way back 9 hours (you will have a short stop at Dar Es Salaam)

What can be useful to bring with me?

Cotton trousers
Light cotton shirts (long and short sleeved)
Comfortable walking shoes
Shower-proof rain jacket/windbreaker
Insect repellent
Medication for anti-malaria
Suntan lotion
Camera (recommended Telephoto Lens)
World plug

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